Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jerry Batt's Professional Background

After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Marketing, I enrolled in the Max. M. Fisher School of Business Executive Leadership Program at Ohio State University. Upon completion of my studies, I embarked on a career in executive management, accepting a position with Huber, Harger, Welt & Smith. Serving as a Sales Executive, I was responsible for launching the company’s Employee Benefits division, the first of many professional accomplishments to come. During the five years I spent at Huber, Harger, Welt & Smith, I achieved annual sales increases of 100 percent, departing with the knowledge and confidence to establish my own business. Kurivial, Ball & Batt Insurance was the result of my entrepreneurial efforts, and after directing daily activities for a period of time, I was presented with the opportunity to merge the company with Erie Coast Agency, resulting in the formation of a new company, Ohio Benefits Group. I retained my executive duties, as I was still involved with the firm’s operations. Following the initial merger, Cavalear Insurance and Heritage Insurance Services expressed interest in a partnership, and Ohio Benefits Group/Celaris Group was born. In the ensuing nine years, I served as President and Chief Operating Officer of the organization, developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan that fostered marked business growth. During my tenure as Ohio Benefits Group/Celaris Group, the company was ranked as Ohio’s fastest growing insurance agency, and I left knowing my contributions laid the groundwork for the company’s continued success. Stepping into the dual roles of President and Chief Executive Officer at Sky/Huntington Insurance, I oversaw a talented and dedicated team of 450 employees, expanding the firm and garnering yearly sales revenue of $15 million. Currently, I serve as President of Neace Lukens’ Employee Benefits sector, utilizing my extensive experience to create customized, cost-effective insurance plans for my clients.

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