Tuesday, March 23, 2010

About Jerry Batt

A senior-level executive with experience managing and developing insurance companies, Jerry Batt currently serves as the President of employee benefits at Neace Lukens, located in Louisville, Kentucky. Jerry Batt has served in this position since October 2009. Before coming to Neace Lukens, Jerry Batt shared his valuable business and leadership skills with a number of other insurance companies. Jerry Batt attended Bowling Green State University in Ohio, where he received a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Marketing. Jerry Batt continued his education and training at Ohio State University, where he completed the Fisher School of Business Executive Leadership Program. Upon graduation, Jerry Batt garnered his first job as a Sales Executive with Huber, Harger, Welt & Smith. The firm trusted Jerry Batt with the impressive responsibility of launching the agency’s first employee benefits market sector. Jerry Batt successfully oversaw the design and implementation of this program and achieved a 100% annual sales increase for the five years he was with the company. With the experience and confidence gained from his tenure at Huber, Harger, Welt & Smith, Jerry Batt founded Kurivial, Ball & Batt Insurance and oversaw this firm’s merger with Erie Coast Agency to form Ohio Benefits Group. Jerry Batt remained an executive of this new company and facilitated its merger with Cavalear Insurance and Heritage Insurance Services to form Ohio Benefits Group/Celaris Group. Jerry Batt served as President and Chief Operating Officer for nine years, managing the creation of a strategic marketing plan that increased business retention and fostered the growth of the agency. With Jerry Batt at the helm, Ohio Benefit Group/Celaris Group ranked as Ohio’s fastest growing insurance company and operated on a 43% profit margin. Jerry Batt transitioned into a position as Chief Executive Officer and President of Sky/Huntington Insurance, to which he brought his superior aptitude for strategic planning and business development. During his tenure at the firm, Jerry Batt acquired 15 additional agencies and earned the company a place as one of the 40 largest agencies in the nation. Jerry Batt serves as a Board Member of the Bowling Green State University Foundation and lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. Jerry Batt continues to advance business operations at Neace Lukens.

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